Are We Jenga ?

Imagine a Jenga tower, all those blocks being different facets of human characteristics and behaviours. All the things that you surround yourself by/ get surrounded by, pull these pieces out ever so slightly. Over time each of this has pulled you far enough that the box tower doesn’t look the same. Sometimes you cheat and let the blocks be pulled out completely by these forces, which makes the structure a little bit weaker, but the overall game becomes much more adventurous, thrilling. Adrenaline starts pumping out of everywhere.

Deciphering what we are is understanding the position of these blocks. 23 seems like a good age to do this activity. Some blocks are still where they were, some are on their way out, some are hanging there (for namesake) and some areas are so hole (:P) looks like a big chunk is out and away.

But how do we draw parallels between Jenga and our life ?

The Beginning of Jenga and Life
Everyone starts their life in a pretty similar way. Majority of us cry when we are born, aren’t unique and really don’t have any innate sense of responsibility. We try to eat everything, poke everywhere and touch what we shouldn’t. (Age 1-15)

Everyone starts Jenga in a pretty similar way. All games start out as straight up boxy (unless you made an error setting it up, which might also happen with human life :3) The structures aren’t unique, and players have no sense of responsibility. The first block they take out, can as well be the bottom most side block. (Turns 1-15)

The Progression of Life and Jenga
As Jenga progresses, wildness is unleashed. You try to make it as hard for the other person as you can, not really caring about the structure that the tower is moulding into. You start weighing options but do not really care if the the preempted action was done by the other player. You know you will have enough options left. (Turns 16-28)

As Life progresses, wildness is unleashed. We get a hold of our faculties but not enough to know which ones to develop and which ones to not. Thus we really don’t care what is to become of the activities we undertake. You care a little bit about money and food but not so much so as to lose your sleep over it. You throw parties at good places but if the venue was decided by someone else for their own party, you don’t feel bad. You know there are a lot of venues to go around. (Age 16-28)

The Thorax
This where everything is a bit in slow life. You know there are not a lot of moves left up your sleeve. You developed whatever you thought was good for you and now you have to make the most of it. You start thinking long term. Evaluate every decision you take. Try to make deals with these “someone elses” cause not many good venues remain and not many new are opening up. Gotta negotiate to not have clashing parties. (Age 29-45)

This is where everything is a bit slow in Jenga. You know there are not a lot of moves left up your sleeve. You used easy positions to get through the game but now have to use your dexterity and skill to get through the complex part. You try to make it tough for the other person, but not so much so that you don’t leave something for yourself when the next turn arrives. (Turns 29-45)

The Dark Ages
Everything within your control is over (but there is room for more if you played judiciously). Now he game governs your next moves. There is not much scope for error and you have to just try and hang in there. Occasional bursts of easy turns might come but usually it’s now a game of utmost patience and skill. It doesn’t really matter if the other person plays a good move. You have to prevent him from making a very bad move and ending the game for you. (Turns 46 – forever)

Everything within your control is over (but there is room for more if you lived judiciously). Life controls your actions now. There is really not much scope for error and you try to hang in there. It doesn’t matter if the other person chose a very good venue for the party, you just want a decent enough place to put your’s up. But unlike Jenga, its you who has the control over how it ends. (Age 46 – forever)

Sometimes you want to put some blocks of Jenga back. Rules don’t allow. Life too doesn’t let you live the years back (Benjamin Button No No) That’s not sad at all.

I feel the reason we get these blocks is to make an end piece so unique that when someone notices they say “How is this still standing ?”

Conclusion : Jenga and Me are same same but different ! What about you ? Please leave comments.

PS :
– Things used in the piece do not directly resemble what they say. Party is anything important. “Someone else’s party dates can clash with yours” 😛
– I am only guessing about the other ages. Haven’t experienced personally 😛


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