The Real EGG Problem

This is not a code solution to the egg problem. So if the hit came on your search, sorry :p. This is a relevant article for people who deploy a lot social media-acts/to be content creators.


Recently this egg broke the record for the highest number of likes on Instagram surpassing the picture of a “celebrity” Kylie Jenner. Celebrity has been quoted because you really don’t know what the word means anymore in the era of growing eggs that have made it huge on social media. I did not like the picture. I was dumb-founded. I really couldn’t accept the fact that humans of the 21st century can go out and give something of this sort such incredible popularity while completely ignoring important issues that could use this amount of public awareness. (You can literally think of hundreds of examples.) Then again, when was social media supposed to actually mean something and this EGG just goes ahead and shows the gaping holes that the virtual world has and why it is really important to not take it too seriously indeed.

There could be real positives out of this sort of a campaign, but mostly it just makes the case for Instagram as being the best advertiser out there today (facebooks Ads are a poor ROI option.) My key takeaways and positive lessons to look at from this overwhelmingly stupid campaign were :

  • THIS EGG COULD BE YOU: The egg could be you, me and anyone or everyone. This gives me confidence to go out there and experiment with the content I post on my virtual profiles each day of the week. You should be confident too. If you really are looking for likes, if this can blow, anything else can. So be optimistic.
  • DON’T TAKE THEM LIKES SERIOUSLY: You could post the mantra for salvation or the grand cosmic plan of homo sapiens and still get 2 likes from your best friend and a BOT. This egg will probably hold less significance than the photo of a torn shoe you posted, but it sits there with 31 million likes on it and doesn’t crack. You shouldn’t either. Keep posting, keep getting yourself out there. Quality beats the egg every day of the week.
  • PEOPLE LIKE BEING A PART OF THINGS: 31 million just din’t become that number because the egg sparkled in the eyes of the beholder. With the Monday-Friday routine a lot of people just went to the site because they would “help” beat the world record. Helping real people can spark debates and backlashes are common (cannot still come up with a plan for “RAM-MANDIR”, Global warming, Rohingyas etc.) Try laying less stress on intelligent content, reddit communities aren’t instagram profiles.
  • PUBLISH AND GET DOPAMINE: “People don’t really know what they want.” Your content could be great and going down the drain. Do not change your style to an existing one that has great hits just because of the hits. The publish button should satisfy you. Not the count of likes/hits. Long term relevancy doesn’t come with stupid stuff. The EGG won’t be a significant achievement or a major turning point in the history of Humanity. Your post could be.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT REAL: You could roam around with a sparkling EGG in your hand all day and people will absolutely never notice you. (Unless it just multiplies by just sitting there.) This is absolutely not the case with social media. The EGG beat real humans. Humans who built a brand, invested time, have a PR firm and actually can be felt. The EGG isn’t all this, but is still so much more. This helps us draw the line between real and virtual. Virtual can never be real.

My main disappointment lies with people, not the EGG. In a time where issues ranging from depression, woman-empowerment, clean air and water, immigration and war would have made much more sense for 31 million likes for generating awareness, it really did not make much sense loving an EGG.

But it just might have answered the century old question :


With immense help from random instgrammers. Sorry chicken.


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