Judge Me

As always, I was having a conversation with a person and we reached a point where he told me that the feeling of judgement led him to back off from an activity that he greatly likes. 

It is not an awkward activity but “People” haven’t done it before so they think it is beneath them to even think of indulging into such things.(THERAPY)

I want to write about this because I, at some point, had to actively stop myself from employing into things that made my day but also made a case in the forever running court of the society’s mind where you don’t have a lawyer and so a say. The JUDGEMENT is punishment enough for you because you do not want to be perceived a person that you aren’t. You want to explain but you can’t. You want to be open hearted but you are JUDGED.

Do I care about being judged now ? NOT AT ALL. 
And I will try to put a case across that might prevent you from restraining yourself in future :

  1. Judgement is Hardwired : No wonder people do “good” things because they fear the LAST JUDGEMENT of God. They judge because they are in a constant trial themselves. It is not easy for them to get their head around things that they think will make a case against them in their own court. But are you ever, in the near future or just EVER, going to that fictitious awkward place ? 
  2. Wear the Judgement like a Cologne My dad was judged because it was too much for a village guy to dream of being an IAS, My mom was judged because she was working without having the need to, my friend Shubhankar was judged because he was publishing personal vlogs (As far as I remember, a person commented “Tu hai kaun”), I was judged because well I can be judged on a lot of things 😛 
    I find all of these people to be happy and at peace with themselves because they did not ignore the verdict but wore it on them. Just messes up with the Judge, believe me. 
  3. You decide your freedom : You can always put unnecessary restrain on yourself, tying yourself up with invisible chains, strings and ideas. They grow up and they grow fast once you keep including biases from everyone around you. Don’t let it suffocate you. Freedom did not come into existence because people signed the declaration. Freedom arrived because people believed in it.
  4. Life is short, Judgements are long : People now have tools to draft their judgements in an extremely lengthy way. Today, there is a keyboard and internet on almost anything you see and with everyone you see. If you line these judgements up and then sit on the fastest mode of travel that you can imagine (right now) to just browse through all of them, you will be standing in front of GOD with no original material of your own.Create a new data point, give the final judge something to think about. 
  5. Judges have a very obscure view : There is a reason why it takes 20 years for a court of law to decide upon a punishment and come to a final judgement. It takes time to line up facts, figures and people. Everyday judges have an infinitesimally small amount of evidence, knowledge and time to get through with your case. Their judgements are no better than SUPW grades on your class 10th marksheets.

People need to have an opinion. People will have an opinion. You cannot prevent that from happening. All you can do is prevent yourself from being party to their court of flaw.

*Am i scared of being judged for uploading this ? Yes. 
What should I do now ? I ask you to do what the titles says 😛 *

PS : All references to God and Godly activities are subject to truths as claimed by “enlightened” human.


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A graduate from BITS Pilani, class of 2019, I am currently working as a Product Manager at Flipkart. I like to write about things that get stuck in my head. By writing I make sure everyone knows what absurd thoughts I have :P Thanks for visiting.

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  1. Loved it. This is almost an everyday conversation in my head. And i think it’s more of a mental practice to cultivate, consistently pushing yourself to ignore the losers.

    More than the judgement of others, i try to shield myself from my own judgement. GaryVee says that you are not born with that loser voice inside you, that is someone else.

    Thanks for sharing! I’ll do my bit too.

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    • Thanks shubhankar. I was almost irritated while writing this blog because the loser voices are bound to stick because you are human.

      The loser voice is a summation of our culture, people etc. and as a matter of fact we ourselves are a product of these things. It is difficult to differentiate but it is absolutely essential to do that. Need to eliminate it ASAP.

      Thanks for visiting. Thanks for the comment.

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  2. Very beautiful lines .All you can do is prevent yourself from being party to their court of law…..

    It’s human mind which always tries to find something . It makes him judgemental but when you do this you can’t be unbiased . So before making any decision you should not only think that what others will say , but you should also think that what you will say . In Gita chapter vi in one shloka it is written that do others what you find better for yourself . It means that if one thing which you feel that is not good for you then how it can be useful for others .
    I appreciate yor views and also thank you for sharing . One should not be affected with others judgement if he is on right path .

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    • Thanks a lot for reading this. Absolutely true about the Gita saying. Also I have mentioned it is not a court of law but a court of “FLAW”. So anyway shouldn’t be affected by flawed judgements.


  3. Nemo judex in causa sua is a latin maxim which means no one should be judge in his own cause.
    Any person who is judging himself is another thing it is the right way to give judgment what you say about yourself. Biasness is loophole in the society one who listen the society will be in illusion of path which he wants to attain.

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