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Hot Haste

The last two weeks have been fun, trying to figure out why we move like cars on a highway as if we have destinations to reach, which never seem to arrive. This brings me back to the subject, “What is it all about?” The question is like an onion, layers of which are constituted by questions…

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Happiness I

A topic that has kept me on my toes and my brain on a dose for a long, long time now. I am always scared to write about happiness as it is really tough to ascertain whether I have enough context to put thoughts into words. But like everything else, this needs to be done.…

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Judge Me

As always, I was having a conversation with a person and we reached a point where he told me that the feeling of judgement led him to back off from an activity that he greatly likes.  It is not an awkward activity but “People” haven’t done it before so they think it is beneath them…

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