Fore-Hind-In Sight

We tend to think all the time. That is exactly how our brain is wired, and that is how it should function. Sometimes, the thinking gets on my nerve as it really isn’t leading me anywhere. What happened is already etched in the time-space reality that I have lived through, what will happen is an […]

The fear of life.

Change.Changes happen everyday, everywhere and with loads of people. It therefore isn’t really a huge deal to talk about change. But it is. I am not talking about changes in the minor regularities of life. Well done if you found a new brand of milk to drink everyday, or got a car you were dreaming […]

So You think You can PM ?

Let me ring a bell :  
 Steve Jobs (Apple)Bill Gates (Microsoft)Jeff Bezos (Amazon) 

Michael Dell (Dell)Sundar Pichai (Google)David Packard (HP)Fred Smith (FedEx)

 I hope the ding made you realise I just named people with job titles as CEO and you thought […]


Hi. I held an informational webinar about the ISB’s YLP round 1 application essentials this Saturday (09-03-2019) and want to let you guys in on the ppt I created for it.I hope this can be of help.In the meantime, I am trying to work out a way to share the recording of the seminar as […]

Judge Me

As always, I was having a conversation with a person and we reached a point where he told me that the feeling of judgement led him to back off from an activity that he greatly likes.  It is not an awkward activity but “People” haven’t done it before so they think it is beneath them […]

The Real EGG Problem.

This is not a code solution to the egg problem. So if the hit came on your search, sorry :p. This is a relevant article for people who deploy a lot social media-acts/to be content creators. Recently this egg broke the record for the highest number of likes on Instagram surpassing the picture of a […]

BITS : Understanding the Magic.

BITS Pilani, It’s Magic.  — Holds True !?!? With all the negative news about fee , facilities and the administration you start to wonder whether you actually experienced the magic you dreamt of or whether it was all an illusion. The season is here , the counselling season and an aspirant needs to know the […]

One Small step for Google Assistant , One Giant leap for AI.

I was in the middle of my comprehensive (end semester) examinations when the Google keynote was delivered. In all honesty I was dumbfounded after Sundar Pichai did that reservation demo on stage. I was dumbstruck again (x10 times the previous one) when Pichai went full devil mode and asked the google assistant to make sense […]

A Coin with three sides.

                    Every issue resembles a coin. The issue along with itself carries two sides. For it or against it. The recent “revolution” at BITS Pilani , of which I happen to be a part of definitely does not resemble a single coin or an issue which […]

Privacy and Business : Selling who YOU are !

Have you ever provided your email on a coupon site to get an extra 10% off or have you allowed access to your contact list just to avail an offer that guarantees you some bucks when your friends use a similar service ? If you have, you are putting a price tag on your personal […]