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Or Should I?

Well meaning advice is out there in abundance these days. I had been waiting to write on the epidemic of abundance that the human species is facing right now, and the reason no one is talking about. Abundance comes in many forms, this is just on top of my mind today, so here we goo……

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Finding purpose is hard. A lazy thought process would lead us to believe that there is no big purpose to our existence, so why spend time finding it anyway. Zooming out and thinking about the vastness of the universe, the unfathomable highs, unmeasurable breadths very well makes me realise that, I am but a tiny…

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Range: Themes to Explore

The rationale to pick up this book was very simple. I have been trying my hands at a lot things, writing, reading philosophy and history, podcasting, building software and seriously training for running long distances. Every-time I start going deep into any one of it, I have to forcefully stop myself and evaluate, if I…

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