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Premise Knowledge workers these days are involved into a lot of mechanical, non-cognitive autopilot work which hampers their effectiveness and efficiency. If they can understand and eliminate distractions that use up headspace and continuously concentrate on non-trivial work, they can stand out of the crowd as deep work produces extraordinary results and is becoming more…


Marginal Return

What is the cost of putting that extra effort? Does it give you the desired return? When do you stop? And why do you need to stop? A lot of questions, and unlike catchy commercials, not one single answer here. Marginal return in pure economical terms is defined as The rate of return for a marginal increase in investment.…

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Writing after a long time feels tough. Specially during Covid, there is so much going on in the room, in-fact everything going on in the same room, that writing never gets the attention it deserves. I am thus writing on the patio of my house, with sun shining in my eyes. In the past couple…

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Divine Intervention

Sometimes you do not have the time to think through what choices are made. In the moment, things just happen and you don’t care about them. But in hindsight when you evaluate such scenarios, an inch here or there could’ve been fatal (not necessarily your life) In Pulp fiction, when Vincent and Jules go to…

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The Objective of this blog post is to “Write an epic introductory text to OKRs” as measured by : Increase in the shares of this post by 3x the average share of other posts on the blog. 20% increase in the total number of followers through this blog post. Increase in author-reader interaction by 2x…

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Are We Jenga ?

Deciphering what we are is understanding the position of these blocks. 23 seems like a good age to do this activity. Some blocks are still where they were, some are on their way out, some are hanging there (for namesake) and some areas are so hole (:P) looks like a big chunk is out and…

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Fore-Hind-In Sight

We tend to think all the time. That is exactly how our brain is wired, and that is how it should function. Sometimes, the thinking gets on my nerve as it really isn’t leading me anywhere. What happened is already etched in the time-space reality that I have lived through, what will happen is an…

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The fear of life

Change.Changes happen everyday, everywhere and with loads of people. It therefore isn’t really a huge deal to talk about change. But it is. I am not talking about changes in the minor regularities of life. Well done if you found a new brand of milk to drink everyday, or got a car you were dreaming…

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So You think You can PM ?

Let me ring a bell :  
 Steve Jobs (Apple)Bill Gates (Microsoft)Jeff Bezos (Amazon) 

Michael Dell (Dell)Sundar Pichai (Google)David Packard (HP)Fred Smith (FedEx)

 I hope the ding made you realise I just named people with job titles as CEO and you thought…

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Hi. I held an informational webinar about the ISB’s YLP round 1 application essentials this Saturday (09-03-2019) and want to let you guys in on the ppt I created for it.I hope this can be of help.In the meantime, I am trying to work out a way to share the recording of the seminar as…